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How to Clean and Care for your Wooden Cutting board to make it last Forever!

Want your board looking like the day you bought it? Follow these steps to help it stay beautiful.

Did you get a wooden cutting board for Christmas? Or have you always had a cutting board and want to keep it looking its best? You may think wooden cutting boards don't need any upkeep but they need love and care as well! They don't need upkeep every day but every few weeks they should be looked at and given a little love!

Step 1:

Your new board has already been “seasoned” with a food grade conditioner. Once your board starts appearing “dull” or “dry”, it’s time to re-oil your board. BiggArt woodworking recommends using mineral oil that can be bought in the pharmaceutical section of your grocery store. This is food safe and helps keep your boards looking like new and make them last forever!

Step 2:

Keep your knives sharp. You won't have to press down as hard and your cutting board will suffer fewer grooves. Avoid sawing your knife back and forth when it is in contact with the board—save the cleaver heroics for a butcher block. And vary where you cut on the board: If you always cut in the same spot, you will eventually cut a grove in it.

Step 3:

Keep it dry. When cutting wet food, remove the food promptly when you’re finished, and dry the board so the moisture won't have a long time to soak in, which could make the wood swell (not a swell idea if you want it to last).

Step 4:

Clean your board as soon as you’re done with it. Never, ever, ever run a wooden cutting board through the dishwasher or let it soak in water! Brush crumbs off or rinse the board under running water using a stiff (but not metal) brush to loosen stuck bits. Immediately dry the board with a towel. Use hot water and a little mild dish washing soap to remove oily residues. Make sure to wash both sides even if you only used one. If the wood only gets washed on one side, the grains swell unevenly which can warp the boards! Stand them on their edge when they are drying so that both sides dry evenly avoiding warp age.

Step 5:

When storing cutting boards stand them upright to avoid uneven drying which could result in your beautiful board warping.

Following these instructions will ensure your cutting board will remain as beautiful and functional as the day you brought It home. These tips also apply to charcuterie boards as well!

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop us an email at and I will assist you in any way possible.

Thanks Again,

Braden Biggart

Owner – BiggArt Woodworking

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