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5 Facts About BiggArt Woodworking

Who's this guy?? Oh wait that's me! #woodworking

1. BiggArt Woodworking is owned and operated by one person

BiggArt Woodworking is solely owned and operated by me (Braden Biggart). I am 21 and currently in my 4th year of a marketing degree at SAIT in Calgary, Alberta. This means when I’m not woodworking you can usually find me there and vice versa.

2. BiggArt Woodworking was founded in 2016

I decided to start BiggArt Woodworking because I noticed that there was a large gap in the local market for handmade wooden items. I first started with scroll saw art and hand routered signs and then progressed to cutting boards and tables. Now I do everything from bottle openers to cutting boards to custom picture frames to river tables, the list goes on! My goal is to be able try my best to make anything out of wood possible so that when a customer asks if I can make something I’ll more than try to accommodate them and create their wish.

3. Owner Braden Biggart is an award winning artist and woodworker

Do you live in Calgary? If so you’ve probably been to the greatest outdoor show on earth! I’m talking about the Calgary Stampede! Did you know that not only does it have the world-famous rodeo, rides and food but also an amazing western art exhibition? Well in 2015 I entered it with a fretwork piece and handmade frame (my first ever) that showcased the evolution of the stampede going from ranchers seeing who the best is, to including the local indigenous peoples to compete, to what it is today being a multi-million-dollar 10-day long extravaganza. I was extremely surprised to find out I had won first place among 100’s of other amazing artists.

4. BiggArt Woodworking uses sustainable sourced and reclaimed wood

All of my live edge wood is sustainably sourced and for the most part from urban salvages. This means that if a municipality or city wants a tree removed, arborists will come in and take the tree down and cut it up into slab, dry them and sell them instead of the wood going to the dump or being shredded. This allows the trees to live on instead of being wasted. Another popular wood I use is barnwood. I source all of my barnwood myself, so going out and taking down barns all over Alberta. In doing this it allows my materials to be picked by hand and of the uppermost quality.

5. Looking for the perfect gift? Biggart Woodworking makes everything!

BiggArt Woodworking can make anything out of wood! Current products range from bottle openers to river cutting boards to picture frames to tables. The list could go on forever! If it can be made from wood I can make it! My shop will also has a CNC now so custom engraving will be extremely affordable!

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